How do I tell my parents I am pregnant?

It is not easy about telling people you are in an unplanned pregnancy, especially your parents. Fear of what they might think or say can cloud your judgment and thought process moving forward. Most likely, the news of your pregnancy will come as a shock but at the end of the day, remember they love

Fathers, Pack the Bag and Start the Car: Here Comes Baby

After nine months of pregnancy and all the anticipation and excitement, the big day is near. As you and your baby’s mother prepare for your voyage into parenthood, it’s critical to keep her hospital bag in mind and to pack it accordingly. Having a bag packed in advance with all the necessities can make her time in

Understanding PASS & How You Can Find Healing

Post-abortion stress syndrome (also known as PASS) is something that you may have heard of. It is a condition that is believed to be an extension of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. While PASS is a condition that is debated by some people, we at H3Helpline have seen thousands of women who are traumatized from

Healthy Pregnancy

If you have found yourself in an unplanned pregnancy or in a planned pregnancy, it is important to educate yourself on staying healthy during this time. Not only does your body need you to stay healthy, but also your baby. The following these tips from help ensure a safe and healthy prenatal development. Prenatal

Drinking & Pregnancy

Do not drink alcohol after finding out you are pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant. Alcohol can cause problems for you and your baby, even before you know you are pregnant. HOW DOES DRINKING AFFECT YOUR BABY’S HEALTH?  There is no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. This includes wine, wine

Smoking & Pregnancy

Preventing Pregnancy

Most understand the health risks that come with smoking and it is understood how hard it is to give up smoking. Women who are pregnant are not only putting themselves in health risks position but also their babies. According to studies, smoking before and during pregnancy is the single most preventable cause of illness and

Can The Baby Feel The Abortion?

Does a baby feel the abortion? This is one of the most important questions we get asked at Choices. In the past, it was thought that unborn babies did not develop proper nerve cells to feel any pain at all. There was a question if babies even felt pain after birth. Thanks to recent studies,

Earn While You Learn Program

Earn While You Learn Program

What is the Earn While You Learn Program at Choices? Choices Chattanooga offers a program for new parents. The program takes mothers and fathers through a series of parenting videos. Each time a mom or dad comes for a session, he/she receives “Baby Bucks” to use at the baby boutique at Choices. The boutique has

Creating Intimacy That Lasts

When we use the word intimacy or intimate relationship, most of us automatically think of sex. We’ve been culturally conditioned to link the two. Why? Sex is a huge way we connect and bond with a partner. But because it does bond us to another person in a profound way – couples counselors often referring to sex

My Girlfriend Wants an Abortion

“I’m pregnant.” Those two little words that turn your world upside down. “And I think I’m going to get an abortion.” Your heart stops for a minute. Okay, that makes sense. Wait, is that what I want? It’s her choice, isn’t it? And I’m supposed to support her… But what if you want to keep

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