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Choices offers unplanned pregnancy services and support. We provide the most medically accurate pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to confirm how far along you are in your pregnancy. Choices has provided nearly 61,000 no-cost appointments to women and men in Chattanooga since 1985.


If you find yourself in an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, Choices is your next step. We offer the most medically accurate pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to see how far along you are in your pregnancy. These two steps are essential to make your next choice.

By offering our services free of charge, our team will give you a judgment-free confidential place to make your next decision. Unlike other clinics and centers, we will never charge you money.  We are here to help you.



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*STI testing is only available during a pregnancy test appointment.



We offer pregnancy testing, nurse consult, options consult & medical referrals. You may also be eligible for a limited ultrasound.


To help you prepare for baby, we offer parenting & fatherhood classes. You can ‘earn while you learn’ & stock up on items.


When it comes to pregnancy decisions, the choice may ultimately be up to her – but you have a big influence on her decision.

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What our patients say about us

Brianna Murphy
Brianna Murphy
17:26 21 Apr 18
I will forever recommend Choices, especially to those who don't know what step to take once they think they might be... pregnant. It has helped my husband and I a lot, we're young but we knew we wanted to go through with the pregnancy. We just had a lot of questions. They've helped supply us with essential needs and understanding prior to our little one entering the world. The staff is very welcoming, friendly and open with you!read more
keosha johnson
keosha johnson
19:31 13 Aug 18
I Love Going To Choices The Staff Is Very Helpful And Understanding. I’m Learning More About Myself And My Pregnancy.... My First Appointment I Was Kind Of Nervous Because I’ve Never Heard Of Them. However, I Would Recommend To more
Stephanie Gayle
Stephanie Gayle
01:34 27 Jun 19
Choices was with me every step of the way-from my pregnancy test to my first ultrasound to pre and post baby parenting... classes! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive place to go!read more
Katelyn Hill
Katelyn Hill
18:54 08 Mar 19
I just started coming to choices and from the time I stepped in I felt so comfortable. The staff is so caring and sweet... they make you feel right at home! I love talking with the staff and learning new things about my pregnancy especially since I’m a first time mommy! They are making it so exciting and such a fun learning experience. I would recommend this class to ANYONE, but especially new parents! I look forward to my next visit🙂read more
Reese L
Reese L
21:55 12 Jan 18
Very helpful during my entire pregnancy very supportive and helps provide essentials needed like diapers baby wash... wipes clothes and parenting advice and videosread more
malaysia burgess
malaysia burgess
21:28 21 Mar 19
I have been going to choices since I was 9 weeks pregnant! I absolutely love it and would recommend to any new mothers.... If you need someone to talk to they are amazing 🥰❤️read more
Asia Harris
Asia Harris
09:51 25 Mar 21
It was my first time with them two days ago and they were so sweet, I just felt so welcomed and not judged at all, I... would definitely recommend more
Miranda King
Miranda King
16:23 20 Jun 18
Choices has been great because im a single parent, 27 years old didnt have a clue about babies other than play with... them and them back. I have a 2 and a half month old son and i have been able to provide for him thanks to choices. They are always there when I need more
Jada Stamper
Jada Stamper
00:36 31 May 19
Choices is such a great program . I started the program 3 weeks ago . They are helping me with a lot of information... with me being a first time mother that I didn’t know about. They are very kind and confidential and I’m very happy my friend told me about this programread more