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Abortion Pill – What to Expect

There’s a lot of misinformation about the abortion pill and how it works. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have already confirmed your pregnancy and are wanting to terminate your pregnancy, take the time you need to learn about the...

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Together We Can

This is the month of marches, of speaking our minds, and being loud. This is the month of publicly announcing what we believe in and why. Here at Choices, we believe in peaceful protests, marches, and walks. We’re proud of what women have accomplished through raising...

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Freedom After Abortion

Share your story. Live in freedom. Jordan* was finishing her junior year at her dream school when she found out she was pregnant. She felt she wouldn’t be able to continue her pregnancy and get her degree. She immediately felt relief after her abortion but a year...

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Considering Adoption

If you are considering making an adoption plan, learn about all your options to figure out what is best for you. Placing a child for adoption is a huge sacrifice and takes courage and so much love.  Sorting through the options of adoption, abortion, or parenting can...

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Pregnancy and Abuse

Abusive relationships almost never begin as violent but emotional or mental abuse is still abuse. We want to help you recognize the signs so you or your friends can get out or get the help you need. Early signs of a potentially abusive relationship include… Isolating...

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Am I Pregnant – Online Test

Am I pregnant? It’s clearly a commonly Googled question so we thought we help you figure out if you need to take the next step and get tested. Is your period more than 2 days late? Have you felt any changes in your breasts? Soreness, heavier, nipple changes? Do any...

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Can She Have It All?

Can she have it all? Can a woman be great mom and accomplish her dreams? We’ve heard some of these answers and we’re sure you have too. “No. You can’t possibly reach all your career goals and be a mom with young kids at the same time. You must choose one or the...

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No shame, just love

An unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of guilt and shame and can still be such a taboo subject. But one thing you will never find at Choices is judgment. We know better than most that it can happen to anyone. The woman in a healthy, stable relationship The mom of...

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You’ve Got This

Unplanned pregnancy happens. It doesn't make you any less. It doesn't change the awesome things you are going to do or be. And if anyone tries to shame you, fight back. BECAUSE YOU ARE A WARRIOR AND THAT’S WHAT WARRIORS DO. A lot of people may be telling you what you...

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Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms can mimic a normal period, the flu, PMS, or even an STI/STD. Some people experience many symptoms and some not at all. If you have more than one of the following symptoms or a late period, make an appointment for free lab-grade pregnancy...

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Walk-Ins Welcome

Choices Chattanooga is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of Tennessee. All services are confidential and free of charge. Walk-ins are welcome but ultrasounds are available by appointments only. Choices does not refer for or perform abortions.