An unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of guilt and shame and can still be such a taboo subject. But one thing you will never find at Choices is judgment. We know better than most that it can happen to anyone.

The woman in a healthy, stable relationship
The mom of 3 who thought she was done
The women’s studies major who has never skipped her birth control
The broke newlyweds barely making it
The single 30-something just about to break the glass ceiling with her career
The cautious college student with her first real boyfriend
The woman going through a divorce
The single mom who is overwhelmed with a toddler
The teenage girl after her first time
The girl who told everyone she was waiting until marriage
The one-night stand with the broken condom
The woman with too many health issues to count
The couple engaged and hoping to wait
The woman doctors said was infertile and didn’t think was possible
The valedictorian who is about to start college with a full ride
The assault survivor

No matter what your situation is or how you may have ended up in an unplanned pregnancy (or possible pregnancy), you will always find compassionsupport and empowering solutions here.

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