Are you struggling emotionally after an abortion? You are not alone. Many women and men experience physical and emotional side effects after an abortion.

Emotional side effects, if left unaddressed, can develop into serious mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Taking steps to process and heal emotionally after an abortion is essential in protecting your overall health. Below are some steps to help you begin your healing journey.

1. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Abortion is a serious procedure and can be a traumatic experience for some women and men.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or feel you are using drugs or alcohol to cope, please seek help right away from a mental health professional.

Acknowledging emotional trauma and understanding what it is can be a powerful first step in your emotional healing process.

Mental health experts define emotional trauma as “damage or injury to the psyche after living through an extremely frightening or distressing event and may result in challenges in functioning or coping normally after the event.”

Symptoms of emotional trauma can include:

  • Sadness or sorrow
  • Feelings of loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Regret or guilt
  • Emotional pain
  • Nightmares
  • Anger or rage
  • Suicidal impulses
  • Self-destructive behavior

2. Find Support

Talking through your feelings and how they relate to your trauma can seem scary or overwhelming. It takes strength to ask for help. It may help to speak with someone you trust–someone who will care for you and will be a supportive listening ear.

There are also after-abortion healing groups that are available to you.  We can help you find the one that works best for your needs and situation.

Remember, it takes time to heal. Give yourself grace. There is no magic formula or timetable for your healing.

3. Getting Help

Choices offers several different options for after-abortion healing. In-person, virtual groups, and individual sessions are led by trained facilitators.

Connect with us today if you need help processing your decision before, during, or after.

No judgment, no pressure.

We get it because we’ve been there.

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