Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy Confirmation

Choices offers the most medically accurate pregnancy confirmation testing in the area. With our trained staff, we will confirm your pregnancy on the spot. Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. Last year, only 81% of Choices patients who received a free pregnancy confirmation test were positive.



Step 1: No-cost pregnancy test

Our free pregnancy tests are medical quality, highly sensitive, and provide immediate results. A positive pregnancy test (including those taken at home) suggests a high probability that you are pregnant. However, the result should be confirmed with an ultrasound.

At your pregnancy test appointment we will review your health history and answer any medical questions, complete STD/STI testing, and discuss all pregnancy options–including abortion procedures, risks, and side effects.

Step 2: No-cost ultrasound

If your pregnancy test comes back positive, we will schedule you for a free limited ultrasound. Because the pregnancy test in itself is not a diagnosis for pregnancy, we recommend an ultrasound. The ultrasound does four things: it confirms the pregnancy, tells us how far along you are, and tells us if the pregnancy is viable and in your uterus. Studies reveal that anywhere from 10-25% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Stephanie Huskins

Stephanie Huskins

Nurse Practitioner - APN, CNM

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Huskins-Darnell.

Erika D. Hogans

Erika D. Hogans

Nurse Sonographer - BSN, RN, CCM

The content on this page has been reviewed and approved by our Nurse Sonographer Erika D. Hogans.

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