Unplanned pregnancy happens.

It doesn’t make you any less. It doesn’t change the awesome things you are going to do or be. And if anyone tries to shame you, fight back. BECAUSE YOU ARE A WARRIOR AND THAT’S WHAT WARRIORS DO.

A lot of people may be telling you what you can’t do right now. Forget them. WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO.

You can stay pregnant and finish school. You can be successful and be a mom. You can do it even if you don’t have it all figured out yet. And yeah, you can do this on your own if you need to because YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH.

We see women every day make incredibly tough decisions in difficult circumstances and not just survive, but thrive. Bravery doesn’t mean you’re not scared but that you choose not to give into the fear. You may have a million questions. You may need a ton of support. You may need some people in your corner no matter what.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here with services and resources from women who’ve been there. We believe we are stronger together. 

So yeah, YOU’VE GOT THIS. And we’ve got you.