April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we can’t let it pass without sharing our passion for creating a culture of life in our community.

We are grateful to the thousands of women and men who have raised their voice and bravely shared their stories. It’s inspiring. It’s needed. It’s powerful. The power comes from one voice that empowers another, then another, then another. It brings healing and unity, and one of the best parts, it brings change.

And change is what we desperately need. Because as vitally important as it is to share your own story, (if you have one) it’s equally important for everyone else to raise their own voice too.


Because our culture has a silence problem. No, not the survivors – although, yes, for too long we have suffered shame and guilt as others pointed fingers, asked questions, and placed blame. But for even longer, our society has sat back and allowed the injustice to continue. They have been silent partners in misogyny, sexism, shame, harassment, blaming, and yes, even assault. So speak up.

Speak up when a co-worker is being harassed.

Speak up when someone is perpetuating a harmful stereotype.

Speak up when someone shares their story and let them know it was not their fault.

Speak up and share your own experience.

Speak up and speak life back in our culture.

Speak up for those that haven’t yet found their voice – for the hurting, the defenseless.

Because helping change our culture in one area – how it sees women and treats other human beings – it has a ripple effect.

And that is powerful.

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