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How many sexual partners (oral, anal or vaginal) have you had?

What is your exposure? Check all that apply.

  1. Kissing/touching above the neck
  2. Kissing/touching above the waist
  3. Grinding or touching with clothes on
  4. Touching of bare genitals without penetration
  5. Sex (oral, anal, vaginal) with a condom
  6. Sex (oral, anal, vaginal) without a condom
  7. Sex with only one partner
  8. Sex with multiple partners
  9. Sex with an infected partner or unknown sexual history with a condom
  10. Sex with an infected partner or unknown sexual history without a condom
  11. Do you use recreational drugs?
  12. Have you ever injected yourself with a needle not prescribed by a medical professional?
  13. Have you ever been forced to have sex against your will?

Do you feel any of the following symptoms? Check any that may apply.

  • Itching or unusual pain in privates
  • Sores or bumps
  • Widespread rash
  • Abnormal discharge or burning during urination
  • Bleeding after sex (female)
  • Daily lower abdominal pain, not during period (female)
  • Testicular pain (male)

What is your sexual exposure?


If you have answered yes to any of the questions 4-13 and think you may be pregnant, make an appointment right away. STDs/STIs must be treated during pregnancy. 

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