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Second Trimester

Week 14 
The heart is pumping between 110 and 180 times per minute and pumps about 6 gallons of blood a day! Gender may now be able to be seen on an ultrasound. If baby is a girl, millions of eggs are forming in her ovaries.

Week 16
The fetus is now about 7 ounces. The skeleton is hardening and calcifying and is visible on an ultrasound. Reflexes such as blinking and frowning are now developing. The baby also has its own unique fingerprints and footprints.  Gender differences have been observed during this time of development. Females move their jaws more often than males.

Week 18
Mother is beginning to "show." The fetus is now about 10 inches long from head to heel and weighs 11 ounces. The baby has unique waking and sleeping patterns and even has a favorite position to sleep in.

Week 20
If the baby is a male, his testicles are beginning to descend from the abdomen to the scrotum.  Hair is visible on the head and body.  From now until 32 weeks, the baby feels pain more intensely than at any other time in development. 

Week 22
The baby now weighs approximately 1 ½ pounds and inhales amniotic fluid in preparation for breathing.  Ears are developed to the point where the baby recognizes the mother's voice, breathing and heartbeat.  Rapid eye movements began about a week ago, an activity associated with dreaming. Premature babies have been born and survived at this stage and beyond.

Week 24
The baby weighs almost 2 pounds and reacts to sounds outside of the mother's body.  Eyes can respond to light, and the permanent teeth buds are apparent in the gums. Eyelashes and eyebrows are formed and hair on the head is growing longer.

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