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If you might be pregnant and the possible pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, we have professional counselors ready to meet with you. We realize this can be an overwhelming circumstance and we encourage you to schedule an appointment at one of our centers. We will listen to your situation with sensitivity and respect. If you have been or are currently the victim of any type of abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, etc), we offer long-term referrals to professional care as well as tools to help you protect your safety and the safety of those you love.

If someone you know is pressuring you to choose abortion against your wishes, you need to know your rights as a pregnant woman (no matter your age).  What you do with your pregnancy is your decision, even if you are not financially independent.  It is illegal for anyone to force you to have an abortion or take any pill or drug that could terminate your pregnancy against your will. Even as a minor, if you are pregnant, you are medically emancipanted and have complete rights over your body and your child's. 

If you would like to speak with a client advocate, schedule your free and confidential appointment here. To learn more about your pregnancy options, click here

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